Monday, July 15, 2013

Mysterious Girlfriend X [Anime Review]

 I'll open this review of MGX with the tag line from the back of the BD.

"Just when you thought anime couldn't get any weirder..."

This anime is weird.
This anime is disgusting.
This anime is hilarious.
This anime is entertaining.
This anime is compelling. 

This is the story of two high-school kids falling in love, so the premise is not anything special at all in anime. In fact its very very typical.

But that is all that is typical. Our two high-schoolers are Akira Tsubaki, an average boy, and Mikoto Urabe, who is anything but average. Urabe is the titular mysterious girl. And there is much that is mysterious about her: she appears to have no parents, she sleeps at lunch instead of eating, she burst into random and unprovoked fits of insane laughter, and... her saliva transmits emotional and dream memory.
No, you read that right.

Urabe can also read emotional and dream memory from Other People's Saliva. Well, only those she is 'bonded too.' That's also mysterious. But still, let me reinforce that: Saliva.

This whole anime gives new meaning to 'swapping spit.'

Like I said. Rather disgusting.

It's also an interesting test, since I adjusted while watching. In the beginning I found the whole thing to be quite disgusting, somewhat hard to watch. Not pleasent. But since the story and mystery were so compelling I kept watching. When the last episode came around, I no longer found the act (as shown above) to be nearly as disgusting. For some, I imagine there may have already been a fetish aspect to the act, for me it went from disgusting to tolerable - not for my personal preference, but not retch worthy any longer... well, at least in anime.

Nude Scissor Power.

Urabe also has a few other mysterious abilities, such as martial scissor use and heightened reflexes. And she has a UFO catcher pen and UFO catcher bag ornament - is that important? It might be, it might not be. I'm still undecided.  

The series deals with multiple issues of friendship, love, betrayal, heartbreak, impulsiveness, compassion, and more... It was far better than I was expecting. 

Scissor tan lines... mysterious. Or not. Just weird.
I ended up really liking the series by the end. I didn't want to stop watching. I wanted more than the 13 episodes that comprise the complete collection (save the OVA, which is one episode, and I've yet to see).

So, with all that I've said from my initial disgust to the final closing credits, how does this rate?

It should not be all that mysterious (joke!) that Mysterious Girlfriend X is going to rate well. I ended up wanting more, I really came to like it. It's worth your time to check out.

Mysterious Girlfriend X
4.5 Stars

There is a manga.
It's not currently being released in the states.
That is sad.

Yeah, there is more story. I must read it.

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