Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maken-Ki [Anime Review]

Welcome back to this weeks Wednesday's update. I review the anime series Maken-Ki.
I watched this a few weeks ago, but have just now taken time to review it. 

This never happens in real life.
If its not obvious I enjoy the fan-service series. They appeal to my all too human prurient interests, and they are often quite funny. Humor and fan-service seem to go hand in hand at almost every occasion, I suppose it is only natural to laugh at our sexuality. The problem was that in this case, the series was very 'middle of the road.'

It was nothing special.

3 of 5 stars
Nor does this... especially the rainbow kiss bit.
Nor was it anything miserable.
It was just an average fan-service series.

Well it did need more plot. It started off big with plot... then the plot waned... and then it ended big on plot. But the middle was just so... devoid of plot. That hurt it really did.

See... back story, plot. These are good.
Ok, lets cover the quick and dirty plot. Our erstwhile hero, Takeru Ooyama, has enrolled in his new highschool, Tenbi Academy, not for its great educational forum or its wonderful extracurriclar activities. No. He enrolled because the girl to guy ratio is roughly 3 to 1.

Of course he is returning to his old home town where he already has a childhood friend whose female and well-endowed. So... there's that. (He's also got a fiance, but that was unknown to even him.)

Everyone's seen this kinda scene before.
Oh, but wait this academy is not normal. Why would it be, this is an anime. No, here the students all have special combat skills using magical devices called 'Maken' (well, that's half the title!) that they can summon. Students often duel, it is a common occurrence. 

It's not that bad.

That would be a 'Maken.'
They really do try for a plot, but it gets interrupted and drawn out. I have a feeling that this is due to the fact that the series was / is based upon a manga that is still running... and at the time might have been transitioning from one magazine to another. 

Now in the BD/DVD set you get the first of the OVA epsidoes, but not the second. Hopefully, since Funimation has already liscenced the second season, the second OVA will come with it.

I've seen the second OVA. It's fun.

And she's showing off the plot.
I am actually looking forward to the second season, in the (hopefully not vain) hope that it finishes up the plot.

I actually do feel mildly cheated since the package of the first season of Maken-Ki said 'the complete series.' It is obviously not. It is the complete first season... but it's not the complete series. Yes there are three years between season 1 and season 2, but still... 

I'm a sucker for fan-service series. I enjoy them even while accepting that they are far from the best anime around. Well, we each have our foibles and follies to contend with. Still, I think I'm gonna read the manga online.

I'd read this if it hit state-side.

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