Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Red Dwarf - Back to Earth (The Director's Cut) [DVD Review]

I consider Red Dwarf to be one of the best comedy series to ever grace the television. It's British, so if you appreciate the likes of Monty Python or Are You Being Served, it's worth looking into. The bonus is it's science fiction as well. So why did it take me so long to get around to watching Back to Earth?

Kryton was on vacation... yes, service droid on vacation.
So... I did not read the back cover of the disc before watching... I did not realize that Back to Earth came after series X. I had read somewhere that series X came after... which is true. Back to Earth came out in 2009, series X came out in 2011. Despite this, Back to Earth says that it falls after series X is over and Kochanski's dead.

Yeah. Did not catch that. Going to have to watch series X very soon.
I think the post sums it up...

4 out of 5 stars
Here's the basic plot:
Lister and co on TV and in background.
A huge sea monster inhabits one of the massive water reservoirs and Kryton, Lister, and Cat go to investigate. They get knocked around and upon escaping, they run into the Dwarf's second Hologram... a female science officer who does not really like Rimmer at all. Rimmer shares the disdain. However she has the means to help them escape the Red Dwarf and return to Earth. In doing so they realize something, they are actually characters in a TV show from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Yes, this plot does seem familiar. It is meant to be.

This is the most self-referential 4th wall breaking DVD I've ever seen.

They are looking at a DVD of Back to Earth.
The plot quickly begins revolving around the DVD you are watching, finding the actors who play the Dwarfers, and preventing the end of the series.

Oh, it is funny, and it is insanely circular. It shatters the 4th wall, and more. It constantly refers back to itself, it rewrites itself, and even writes itself as it progresses. Some scenes are just crazy, and utterly unexpected. I laughed uproariously through almost the entire DVD.

No really. They are looking at the DVD you are watching.
I was also saddened. It had been too long since I watched Red Dwarf. I need to re-watch the whole thing again. Another sadness came from the lack of any version of Holly. 

But take heart. It's a good DVD to watch. Although, I'll have to watch series X to figure out where and when this DVD should be watched.

Ah, Smeg it all.

Just take my advice, if you like British comedies, watch this metaphysical masterpiece of a DVD. Watch Back to Earth.

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