Thursday, September 18, 2014

Destiny [PS4 Review]

This review was supposed to get written and be published last night. The problem was that I was playing the game this review is covering. I was deep in Destiny and had my hands full.

Your class choice, each with a subclass.
I've been wanting to write an innuendo like that for a while. Tonikaku, this will not be a very long review because the truth is that the full game of Destiny does not fall far from the Beta.

4.5 out of 5 stars
I've read other reviews for this game. So many of them reference games like CoD, Halo, and Borderlands. Games I've never played or purposefully avoided. For me the world of Destiny was actually interesting enough to warrant checking out. I have this sick need to read negative reviews. Why? It reinforces the idea that most people do not play the game they are reviewing thoroughly enough before they actually write a review. There are even people giving it a 0 rating because they can't play it to review it (and can't play, I assume, due to low intellect as indicated by the incompetence of their writing). That is not how you review a game, a company maybe, a game no. I took more than a week to actually review Destiny because I had two other games (Sims 4 and Tales of Xillia 2) on my plate, plus some studio work, and other things. So the review is a bit late.

Some of the abominations of the Hive are huge.
This game is good. I hate MMOs, and in general I am not a fan of FPS games. This game is technically both, but somehow the merger means that I like it rather than despise it. I tested it in the Beta to make sure I could enjoy it. If you reread my review of the Beta, you will again see that I liked the Beta enough to keep my pre-order. I still do not regret that decision. It is fun, and at the core of any game, that is the most important thing.

The only real ding I'm giving the game is that the crafting items are not really explained well, at all. You don't even really learn that they are required only at level 20 and beyond. Collect them early, save them for later. If you honestly want to read additional praise for the game, again, I suggest reading my review of the Beta.

And again, having Peter Dinklage talk to you through the whole game is just gravy on top of awesomeness. Now, I've got to return to gaming...

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