Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Galaxy of Trian [Board Game Review]

 So, I got in on a kickstarter last year. 
It finally arrived. 
I finally played it. 

This is only a part of what I got. I got more.
That kickstarter was for Galaxy of Trian. A game that has been described, accurately, as Carcassonne in space.

3 out of 5 stars
Simply put you place tiles and take an action. Much like Carcassonne... well a lot like Carcassonne. Only with triangles!

There are a few additional things such as mineral gathering and with the expansions comes starships.

However there was an issue with the game.

The rules were not the most clear rules ever written. They forward reference key words, and are not always clear what they precisely mean. This may be an artifact from the translation or just actual poor instructions. I am uncertain. Suffice to say that the first few turns were confusing and questions quickly arose that we spent long spans of time trying to answer.

The upcoming app / game.
After the initial instruction issues, the later part of the game was sort of fun. We finally got into the swing of the game, actually trying to manipulate the board to take advantage or to mess with other players. The learning curve of the game is not steep, but the instructions need a clean up job.

Was the kickstarter worth it?
Maybe. I'll need to play the game more to really decide. I look forward to the app / video game in the hopes that anything we got wrong will be clarified.

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