Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront BETA [PS4 Review]

So... you know that Star Wars kick I've been on.
Well, there's more. Lots more. 
Expect Star Wars for the next few months.

Yep. Force Users rock. They are kinda of like person sized vehicles.
So I downloaded the Star Wars Battlefront BETA / Demo thing the day it was released for the PS4, Oct 8th or 9th. Which ever.

4.5 out of 5 stars
Why not choose 3rd person? In the full game there will be
external garb / appearance changes. You can't admire your
work from the first person view.
I've almost finished it.

Well as close to finish as a person can come in an FPS game. Maxed my Beta level, unlocked everything. Flown all the tie fighters, flown an A-Wing, and an X-Wing... but I've yet to pilot an AT-AT or Snow Speeder. I really want to, but I rarely spawn in the right place to grab one before someone else does.

Here's why this game rocks.

WHY? This is the worst way to pilot a TIE.
It is simple, pure, fun. There is no super complexity. This captures the feel of an old school FPS game combined with Star Wars! Who could ask for more? I have not has as much fun dying repeatedly since I played Golden Eye on the N64.

You can, as I have, fly X-wings and A-Wings, TIE Fighters and Interceptors. Equip different blasters and fire away at the enemy. Lob Thermal Detonators at the enemy - and if you are lucky land one on the head of an AT-AT that has been ion bombed by Y-wings... and you can watch the Imperial Walker crumble because of that perfect thermal pitch. You can wear the mantel of Darth Vader and force choke Rebel scum. 

The rounds are fast, even the Walker Assault, and fun. I've died repeatedly, sometimes at my own hands, but you can jump right back in immediately. There is no spawn wait. I love it! And since the missions are objective based, I don't feel like I'm letting the team down by getting stepped on by a Walker (or suicide my A-Wing into a Walker after barrel-rolling).

This is how you pilot a TIE. You can actually see!
I'll be pre-ordering this so I can fight early on Jakka. But I'm getting the Deluxe. I'm fairly certain I have the patience to unlock the DL-44 on my own.

Now I need to go finish my most recent play through of Dragon Age Inquisition... before this game comes out and eats all my gaming time.

See you on Hoth. 

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