Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut 

I finished my first play through of ME3 back right after it came out. I rushed through, kicked the crap outa the Reapers and was rewarded with... confusion, uncertainity, and a very badly scripted ending that left me wanting something more. Much more.

Hell yeah I got more.
 Fans complained. The Internet did its thing - whine long and loud. And then came the Extended Cut DLC. Unfortunately for me, ME3 was now back burner. I had other games to play; Tales of Grace F and Resident Evil 6.

So it would be months before I'd get back to ME3. But I did. I selected one of my five Shepards from ME2, a Femshep, and started it up. Oh, yeah... I bought all the new DLC too. Leviathan and Omega, weapons packs...

I played. I played for 60 hours. Longer than the first time... I did EVERYTHING (except one mistake on Omega).

Do not cry at my grave.

I beat the game, missing only one paragon option (ruining my 100% paragon rating). Going paragon is about peace, unity, cooperation and respect for all life, synthetic and organic. Oh, and they fixed the issue with your squad vanishing in a Reaper blast before the very end... that was good, if you took your romance option (Garrus for FemShep in this play through) it adds an extra touching scene.

The options always throw me at the end: Control, Destroy, Synthesis. Only synthesis seems right for a Paragon - you've fough the whole game for unity and for both types of life. After seeing the Geth plight, you wonder how anyone could choose destroy. And control seems no better... Both seem evil.

So I choose Synthesis.

Holy Crap.

Stuff Is Added. The whole ending is told by EDI. This is the EDI ending, the immediate future is laid out. You see some of your squad mates from ME2 & ME3 after the war. You get more info, you see what was achieved.

This was an ending. Yes, they left the dippy stuff with the old man telling stories of Shepard in the far future... but the rest of the ending, Much Better.

Not yet, but I'm gonna try and see if one of em can get to me.
I'm getting ready to start my next Shepard, my incompetent dolt who got everyone killed last time, and try again. Then I've got at least 2 more to get through... I'm going to experience this ending every way possible. Even shooting the damn Star Child...

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