Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lincoln - Movie Review

I too deliberate over movie reviews.

I always try to wait a few days, or even weeks, before I give my final opinion on a film. Many I have watched and enjoyed only to, over the course of days, come to be quite dissatisfied with the presentation. The most recent Robin Hood movie was like that... actually, I was dissatisfied in the theater parking lot with that movie, so bad example. (It's still a bad movie.)

Daniel Day Lewis deserved that Oscar.

Lincoln did not take me long to come to a conclusion about.

It was FANTASTIC. There was only one time that I was pulled from my movie trance. One time in a two and half hour movie where I went, 'Hey wait a second...' and was thrown from my immersion in the film (aside from the inevitable restroom break).

This scene, right at the beginning...
 And it was a very early scene in the movie that made me pause. And I'm not sure that I would have even caught it if I had not once been a Civil War reenactor. It's a detail issue, and it is not a glaring one either... well it is glaring if you put on the uniforms from 1861-5. One never carries a musket in the rain bore up without a tampion in it. 

But aside from that one scene with that one issue... oh the detail was gorgeous. Again, the production design was fantastic and utterly deserving of winning the Oscar it did. The level of detail was fantastic. 

 I went to see Lincoln with a friend who had already seen it. We went to the discount theater, and I'll say that for a mere $1.75 this was a true bargain movie. Usually I save discount theaters for 'films of questionable quality,' but this time we went because he wanted to see Lincoln a second time.

This movie was worth more than what I paid.
This movie was fantastic.

Since its left its theater run, and is already on DVD/BD my advice is, either rent or buy a copy of Lincoln on BD. The quality is amazing. The movie is beautiful. Watch it.

4.5 Stars

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