Saturday, May 23, 2015

The World God Only Kows - Goddesses (Season 3) [Anime Review]

 The last time I wrote about this anime series was way back in 2013, in the early days of this blog. My first review of The World God Only Knows was my ninth review. There is no star rating, my format was different... oh, how the world changes. I do not even know if I reviewed the second season. It might be buried somewhere in a review the covers multiple series.

So, yeah, Goddesses. They have halos, but are Greek. I do not get that.
It has been a while since I watched the second season of TWGOK, so long it took me a bit to remember some of the characters, and what happened last time.

3.5 out of 5 stars
I want to say that this is a Japan thing, this idea of letting years go by between seasons. But it is not just Japan. Heck... there is a new X-Files series in the works.
This was inevitable.
I really don't want to go into many details with this series. So much of what occurs is about discovery and searching, that almost anything I say could be major spoilers.

A lot of the prior series themes are continued. The main character, Keima, is still a gamer geek. He still looks at the world as though it were a video game with paths, flags, and best endings. At least this time, some of his deeply held beliefs are shaken.

It would not be The World God Only Knows without
at least some Shobosha!
That has to be the best part of this season. I can't remember too well, if anything like that happened in the prior series, but I would guess the answer is 'no.' This season really brings some significant emotion to our main character, and others. Deeper emotion. It's good.

In real life actions have consequences. Words and deeds
leave lasting impressions. They are not just 'flags' to clear.
I wish that the prior series left as significant impression on me. I wish the first half of the season has as significant impact as the second half. This series would have received a much higher rating if the beginning of the season was as good as the ending of the season. It is a very strong ending... the start was slow though. 

I think I'll need to go back and watch the entire series from the beginning at some point. I just have so many series waiting to be watched that it will not be for some time. So instead I hope for a fourth season, one that follows up on the strong emotional ending of this season. 

I feel I may be being harsh on things recently. A high bar has been established three times... it is going to be much harder to reach those heights again. Some examples are Here. Here. Here. And Here.

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