Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Archer VICE - Season 5 "White Elephant" [TV review]

I've been waiting to write a review for Archer for a while now. The time has arrived! The first episode of season 5 just aired on Monday, and now it is time to write. I chose not to write this for my typical Monday update (and that meant I did not have a Monday update, I've been bad, and very inconsistent) because it was on late night TV and I was never going to get anything posted before the day ended. That being said, read on.
Now for clarity, I am only reviewing the season 5 premiere, not Archer as a whole. That review is coming soon. Trust me. That being said...
4 out of 5 stars
This episode had one big downside, it was by and large a review episode. A significant chunk of time was spent covering every dubious event of the past four seasons, of which there are many.

Desks honestly make poor cover.

This episode is actually a change of direction for Archer. The very beginning of the episode essentially wipes the slate clean via explosive, more or less. The episode is all about changing the shape of the show.

Enter, wait for it, Archer Vice.

Piggly 3... or 4? With a jet pack?
But I really want to talk about the montage at the end of the episode.

I am not certain if the montage is actually previewing the entire upcoming season or not... but if it is... we are in for a ride. How you can pack so much awesome into a few short minutes I do not know, but this is how it is done.

I do not exaggerate when I say that no montage has ever been as well executed. It was the most awesome montage ever to grace the big or the little screen. It is either a preview of the upcoming season or it may just be scenes from several movies all wrapped together and animated with the cast of Archer. I swear I saw scenes from Point Break, Smoky and the Bandit, The Fugitive, and more...

Yes, the first episode was not perfection, and most episodes taken on their own are not (save for perhaps season four's episode 'Once Bitten'), however it was quite good. If you have yet to see an episode of Archer you are missing out on one of the best shows ever animated in the US. The animation is done in Atlanta, GA and Kansas City, MO (for the 3D).

Season 5 is going to rock.

And here is Archer - Danger Zone, no it has nothing to do with season 5, it's just cool.

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