Thursday, January 30, 2014

LaGrange - Flowers of Rinne season 2 [Anime Review]

 Back in the final days of 2013 I reviewed the first season of this series.
 I gave the first season of Lagrange - The Flower of Rinne a solid four out of five star rating.

Part of one of the funniest dialogues I've seen in a while.
Season 2 keeps up the same quality. It neither dips nor rises over the previous season. Well, the humor might have increased a tad.

Simply put this season rates in the same as the previous.

4 out of 5 stars

More mecha battles!
It's really rather difficult to speak about the second season without spoiling the previous season. So I'll just cover some comparisons.

The humor goes up just a small notch, I think. There were some good dialogues in the first season, and this season has some humdingers too. The one from the picture (top right) where Madoka is wearing the robotic rabbit ears had me falling out of my chair.

Fan service might be up a notch, but it is not like the real fan service series like Highschool DxD, or H.O.T.D. which are really fan-service delivery vehicles. This one just throws in a few yuri moments and swimsuits.

Even more mecha.

The violence is ratcheted up several notched. It's does not go anywhere near 11 like Shingeki no Kyoujin does, but it increases. There is a good deal of mecha combat in the second season,  including some full on battles.

There are a few new characters. One mentioned and briefly, very briefly, seen in the previous season.

Bastard, he's going all EVA-03 on the downed mech.
There is a bit more darkness sprinkled in as well. Violations of the past, traumatic loves, planetary destruction, and murderous rage. It never gets all that dark, but it is darker than the first season.

Symbolic, isn't it.
It does however have a true conclusion unlike the previous season. Which makes sense, as I can only conclude that they knew very well that a second season was going to be made (since there was only a 3 month break between the two in Japan). It ends in a way I was not expecting and yet makes utter sense for the series. 

If you've seen season one and not seen season two, you really should. It will be a ending with some real closure, unlike many anime who leave their finale somewhat ambiguous.

I can safely say that Lagrange - Flowers of Rinne has a place on my shelf. Will it one day enter the ranks of the true classics like Tenchi Muyo, El Hazard, or Record of Lodoss War? I cannot say. It does have replay potential, and that alone is why it stays on the shelf.

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