Thursday, May 15, 2014

Girls und Panzer OVA [Anime Review]

Back in March I reviewed Girls und Panzer.
The TV series, I quite enjoyed it.
I gave it four stars.

Swimsuits. Many swimsuits.
I was less impressed by the six OVA episodes.
It sucks to have to say that. 

2.5 out of 5 stars
The whimsy and creativity, the wonderful tank details... the actual plot.

I said many.

Now, I was actually hoping, nay expecting, to see some of the battles that were omitted in the tournament.

Again... I was dissapointed.

Of course that came with having expectations. One should approach many forms of entertainment without expectations if possible. I failed at this.

And then there's this...
Still, this was just not up to the standards that the TV series set. I guess I still imagined OVAs in an old school fashion - you know, full 30+ minute episodes. Not these modern 15 minute goofy extras. They seem more like bonuses for discs, and not stand alone OVAs.

And short it was.

A 3D Map of the school ship.
The whole blu-ray was barely over a hour. 74 minutes for six episodes. That's short. That's barely a Game of Thrones episode.

This may be the last OVA I buy. Too short, not half as entertaining as the main series. This should have been included as extras with the main release of Girls und Panzer.

But do not let me get you completely down.

There was one scene of absolute hillarity, and not because it was unique, but because I never once in my life expected to see a Monty Python skit rehashed in an anime. Seriously, a Monty Python sketch was replicated in these OVAs. That famous SPAM SPAM SPAM skit. That rocked. I laughed very hard.

You know what - here. See the Monty Python skit now!

This was the best bit.

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