Friday, January 15, 2016

Pillars of Eternity [PC Game]

In the continuing journey of my 'Games I recently bought on a Steam Sale' thing, this is part #8. I realize that I'm running out of different ways of introducing this running theme. Today's game is an upturn from my last installment.

When energy is being sucked from a person to a thing...
that's bad. Very bad.
This game feels a lot like Neverwinter Nights to me. I like that. I don't think I ever finished Neverwinter Nights, but I'm going to try and finish this game.
4 out of 5 stars
Oh, yeah. The name of the game, if for some reason the graphic above does not load, is Pillars of Eternity. It was a kickstarter sometime ago, I think.

It reminds me of DnD 3.5 Faerun. When you could pick
what region your character was from and got bonuses
from that selection. This game does that.
It's freakin' DnD on a computer done in isomorphic projection. Which is why it reminds me so much of Neverwinter Nights. You just can't change the camera angle / position in this game.

That's one downside to it. But one you know going in because you know it is an isomorphic game. Which is like that Blizzard game, um... Diablo! At least I and II... I played the demo of III and can't remember much at all about it. Those were isomorphic. Right?

Every species has male / female, and two racial origins.
Even the boring dull normal humans.
Again, this is essentially DnD. With a few words changed. Instead of Strength you have Might. Instead of Charisma you have Resolve. Instead of Wisdom you have Perception. There are also a lot less skills, it is somewhat closer to the limited skill set in 5th, only with even less. Mainly because all the skills need to be easily functional in the game world.

Conversations have many many choices.
Some will dead end a conversation right away.
Some will be blocked out due to numerous reasons.
There is a significant amount of customization you get to do when building a character. Face, hair, skin tone, equipment color, species, sub-species, male / female, class... and I'm probably forgetting a few.

Even better, you can hire characters who are not your main character, and are not plot-centric. When you hire them, you then get to create them from the ground up, just like your main character. This lets you play around with all kinds of character options in one game.

I'm not sure how big your party can get. But mine's
about this big, plus a wolf.
Combat is not quick and easy either. Health does not replenish. [I'm not sure on healing spells - I have no dedicated healers yet. Or they are not high enough level, or something.] Inns become very important as places to offload crap you gather during the adventure and to rest and heal. Camping supplies also work.

Oh, but back to combat. You may have to pause several times in combat in order to set up spells and use special abilities. Sure, random weak monsters are not going to be a challenge, but plot point bosses certainly can be.

The game looks to be very long. I'm only at level 3 so far. There have been mentions of me getting a stronghold... I'm not sure on this, but I look forward to it if it is true.

I'm enjoying the game.
I'm expecting it to last a while.
It satisfies my need for DnD.

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