Thursday, April 9, 2015

Star Wars A New Dawn [Book Review]

It has been years, probably even more than a decade, since I've read a book based on a series from another format. I used to devour Star Trek novels, Battletech Novels, Star Wars, and others... but it has been years.

I am shocked I found artwork that was not in the book, about the book.
I found them HERE, and would love to credit the original artist.
Please comment if you know the artist.

4 out of 5 stars

I picked this novel up because I absolutely love the Rebels television series (I cannot wait for season 2). So I really wanted more. Anything more. So I grabbed this novel. It had been so long since I've read a paperback that I was shocked at the book's size. I was also shocked at how quickly paperbacks becomes abused. They were probably always like that, but I've mainly been reading thick tomes of philosophy and hardcover fantasy novels like Words of Radiance and A Memory of Light or mass-market paperbacks like Fabler's Legend
This begins before the Ghost even has a crew. 
This begins before Kanan met Hera.

It is interesting to actually read the novel. It is the first official, approved by the LFG, Rebels novel that falls into the new canon. The novel is not dominated by Kanan and Hera, they are major players, but they do not dominate the novel. There are plenty of perspectives, including Imperial ones, that make up the novel. I do not plan on spoiling the plot. That would be no fun. 

I'm giving the novel four of of five stars because I devoured it. I read through it in less than 5 days, if my counting is right, and it is nearly 400pgs. There were some parts that felt a touch rough, but the characterization was not bad. Kanan is a touch a different in A New Dawn than he is in Rebels, but there is a reason. Read it and you'll see. The new characters are not bad either, they are well crafted enough to stand on their own. The biggest downside was the central villain to the story... he resembled other Star Wars villains a bit too much.

It's a paperback book. It's not too costly, I'd suggest getting a copy if you liked Rebels. It's a worthwhile little read, leaving enough room for additional back stories. Considering that you will not meet Zeb or Sabine, there is plenty of room for additional back story novels. I'll grab those as well if they ever exist. 
Kanan being harassed by Sloane, a new character from the novel.

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