Friday, March 27, 2015

Helix "Plan B" (Season 2, Ep. 11) [TV Review]

There are only two episodes left after tonight episode.
Tonight episode is paradoxically called "Plan B."

Alan stares in horror... this is, I imagine, how he stares at each new and
more convoluted script.
It seems a little late to going to Plan B now. You should have thought about that before...

3 out of 5 stars
Poor crazy diseased 'Texas' (Dr. Kyle).
The first half of this episode was some of the most boring minutes of Helix this entire season... it was impressively boring. It was filled with bunk and fluff, that of course would later be revealed to be lies anyways. 

So we start off at the National Primate Research Center where they murder a primate. I'd be less unhappy if they killed a person. No, an innocent ape of some variety (I'm not a zoologist) dies for no real good reason. The military wants some gas to kill all the life on the island. Really? Some modified VX nerve gas instead of maybe a firebombing?

The motif for the episode - staring out of windows...
And it appears as if Balleseros is actually dead.
Too bad, he was a bad guy you could sorta like.

Lets continue to the list of bad things before we deal with any positives from the episode. 

The head honcho of the paramilitary CDC soldiers on the island is just such a terrible character. I cannot tell if she is a bad actress, or the character is just that awful. Maybe a mix of both.

...and watching people die.
"You feelings for your sister will be your undoing." It's like the Emperor and Vader got their lines all jumbled...  

Now a for a few interesting things.
Well, sorta. Peter has gone all murder-stabbing, and ends by leaving a decorative inverted crucifixion with intestinal rope decorations. Oh, and he cut out the eyes too... wonder if they were tasty.

While crazed and angry, Texas (Dr. Kyle), accuses Alan of actually creating the Micotoxin as an effort to kill immortals. I'm wondering if Texas is right...

And that is all the good stuff... because there is actually a little more bad stuff to come.

Sara and Jules faked giving Hand-Job Girl immortality, but somehow, even though she was doused in more of the melty VX Gas than anything else, she is not dead. She's melty and squishy, but somehow not dead. Just kill her already. We've got so many groups of villains, can't we just end one?

Also, I want to know what kind of gas kills the roots of a tree. I'd love to know this, because it sounds like absolute bullshit.

This episode was such a let down compared to last week's.

So... the modified VX gas can end a root, melt faces, burn away hair, but
does nothing aside from give an immortal a mild coughing fit?
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